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Seven maintenance measures of foundry casting equipment

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-20
For foundry of forging equipment performance, in clearly on product functional groups in the process of using, to casting of the product quality as the foundation of growth, using the results of the equipment can make the manipulation of the strong growth of the group as a result, in the endless growth ability performance, with the use of equipment scale for casting character request of useful progress, further expanding its ability to use the actual results, for double use of actual use ability, endless growth for its ability to mobilize the group USES the champion. Corresponding abilities of the casting products, contributing to closely forging equipment utilization, which deal with various ways are the stress influence, manipulating its ability to propel various aspects using the result of the promotion, the casting is conducive to the growth, to increase the function of the mobilization of various aspects, to the ability of comprehensive promotion product to get more clearly, in the process of the inexhaustible open and complete casting character action team use. Close to manipulate the forging equipment and the use of weathering on creating function, deal with products are conducive to the growth of extension, function of the use of a group's ability to deal with the product request clearly on the upper hand, want to extend the actual use of product to spur growth, with strong ability to progress in using all aspects of scale. Closely forging equipment placed on the course after debugging, into produced at the same time, the required harsh according to its need to adjust the pace aftercare. A note point must according to the schedule of parts, equipment request smooth filling oil, oil or grease. Second, to seal ( Wearing parts) Exchange necessary raid everyday, such as destroyed immediately. Three, raided the chamber body guard every day, there are damage shall exchange. Four, the shot blasting machine guard, blades, impeller, directional cover, maru 'secondary raid per shift, if there is damage immediately change. Five, the electrical system should be the second raid. Six, all drive a secondary raided each week. Seven, manipulating the result of the liquidation should be a raid at any time, if there are abnormal should be down, and the equipment group raid.
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