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Security checks are of molding machine?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-21
Molding machine is suitable for most of the metal material, the modelling method for mass production, wet sand clay modelling is one of the most economic modelling method. Casting factory control device is equipped with the latest technology, you should do it step by step, with green sand control technology can get the best performance over and over again. These control device including the screening separation of metal, recycling sand cooling, recycling sand mixing amount of accurate interpretation when drilling additives, and so on. Molding machine in the wet sand molding, vertical parting and horizontal parting compare two, for the mass production of medium and small size, grey iron and ductile iron parts casting factory, heavy straight parting modelling are dominant, because of its equipment cost is cheaper, can high speed model, less required personnel, compactness of the advantages of small deviation. But vertical parting technique, in gate scheme and chang mouth and form, and in a complex core, filter, cold iron, casing, spring into the core is restricted. In addition, when using a liquid gold casting machine, because metal static pressure is high, easy to cause the metal penetration adhering sand. Now wet clay sand molding machine with excellent performance, can never reach the speed of two years ago, strict manufacture, allowing the difference is very small green sand mold. Coupled with the accurate control of high efficiency for sand device, make the sticky and wet sand mold in the modelling of iron base alloy and nonferrous alloy remain the most important position. Molding machine safety checklist: molding machine is the main equipment, mechanical model for use and is responsible for the safe-keeping. The cylinder and guide shaft should be daily lubrication. Plate should be solid, core box screws must be tightened, prevent loose and accident. A, equipment check 1, shock cylinder should be in good condition, nimble and reliable. Shock between the cylinder and the anvil block should be equipped with sound pad. 2, shock cylinders of the guide rod or guide block should be complete, flexible and reliable. And have a strong and reliable limit nut or limit stop. 3, draw bar should be able to flexibly adjust the spacing and height, and maximum load with sufficient strength and rigidity. 4, using return draw institutions, box of stick way or scaffold must level off, can firmly support the sand box. 5, head rotation must be flexible, lightweight and reliable, and should be equipped with limit block iron. Six, the limit of pressure head rotation device should be equipped with an adjustable buffer device. 7, head positioning pin should be complete, reliable function, when the pressure head in working position can make the head positioning in a reliable way. 8, pneumatic system should be installed oil water separator, compressed air sprayer, etc. 9, pressure gauges should be sensitive, accurate, reliable, and regularly check. 10, reversing valve, correct and reliable. 11, pneumatic system shall be gas path flow, sealing is good, no jam, leakage phenomenon. 1, behavior, inspection, flip turn, the manipulator is allowed to stand in the range of overturning platform activity. 2, molding machine in the movement, not the hand in sand box. 3, halfway down, shall be immediately to push the handle to the closed position. 3, 1, molding machine working environment control area floor should level off, and should choose the concrete floor. 2, molding machine installed in a hole in the ground, shall be installed flat, tightly around the pit cover plate. 3, around the moulding machine layout has back to the sand, back to the sand should be equipped with solid grid, a grid gap shall not be greater than 40 mm. 4, molding machine idling shall not be greater than 85 db noise ( A) 。
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