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Say something you don't know, lost foam casting process is introduced

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-20
Say something you don't know, lost foam casting process is introduced. A big casting, mechanical subjects. In liquid steel, it is we want to be in the form of objects, super magic, so I today is to introduce the epc process. The so-called lost and there is a name called real mold casting, now mostly in a paraffin wax, to make the model of cluster or bubble, is through the bonding technique, to make a model of a want to shape. The brush model on refractory coating, then the drying process. Buried the brush of the refractory coating model in dry quartz sand, through vibration uniform quartz sand wrapped around the model. In negative pressure under the condition of casting, the purpose is to let evaporation model. Or we injected liquid metal will occupy the position of the model. With after a long, with liquid metal solidification after completely to quartz sand, to achieve what we want, also is the model of the modelling of metal parts. This is the lost foam casting technology process is simple. In practice, of course, there will be a lot of details, also has a lot of difficulties, is an expert at epc, also dare not guarantee every casting will not fail. In practice, which does not use adhesive, so only dry quartz sand in the process of casting would have collapsed. But the human mind is great. German scientists as early as 1967 years old to use a technique called magnetic mold casting method to solve this problem. In Japan, scientists on the basis of the German scientist, have a kind to be called the invention of the vacuum casting was born. Especially recently lost foam casting technology both in China and the world has become very widely used a technique. Of course, the reform of the technology is also in constant updates. Say something you don't know, lost foam casting process is introduced. This technology because it is a medium almost no allowance, can be up to expectations, forming a very precise. This process can remove of modulus. There won't be the existence of sand core. Finished product is almost no burrs and flash, and not because the draft produced by the slope, greatly reducing the due to the size of the combination of error, etc. Roughness is reduced greatly. The most important is, cost is greatly reduced.
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