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Sand mold casting mould related situation

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-19
Joe: there are two mould process, is a kind of gravity casting mould, is a kind of sand casting mold, the former in front of a lot of articles have a lot of, so, today is to introduce you to sand casting mold. Sand casting mould compared with gravity casting mould, its cost is low. However, its technology determines its specific gravity force casting mould more widely applicable. Sand casting mold can produce large, medium and small mold; Material that can be used materials such as copper, iron, aluminum castings. Bo Joe sand mold casting mould was welcomed by the masses of customers. This is because Joe has 14 years experience, can give solution within 2 hours, and 5 sets of CNC machining center can be quickly for delivery to the customer. Bo Joe's sand mold casting mold to produce high dimension accuracy of castings, beautifully smooth appearance, competitive in the market.
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