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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-29
Gravity casting machine is often used to produce aluminium alloy casting products, so also known as aluminum alloy gravity casting machine. We know that the aluminum is lively metal, under certain temperature and humidity would be easy to oxidation blackening, therefore, when gravity casting machine production, if improperly for subsequent processing of casting is easy to cause the cast aluminum pieces black. Producers in gravity casting production process must pay attention to the effective control of casting speed and time, aluminum casting production is completed, attention should be paid to clear the surface of aluminum castings in time, if not completely clean may speed up the aluminum castings. In gravity casting machine in the production of aluminum castings to complete the process, the workers should pay attention to wear gloves operation, avoid direct contact with the cast aluminum skin. At the same time pay attention to the product to dry, prevent water residue on the surface object. In aluminum casting gravity casting machine production is completed, should pay attention to the placement of aluminum castings environment, to put aluminum castings in ventilation, dry environment, avoid direct sunlight. Joe 14 years specializing in the production of gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine can be customized production for the customer need, if necessary, welcome to inquire.
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