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Production gravity casting mould which link decided to overall quality

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-18
Release date: 2020 05 - 20 clicks: 51 this answer is that the design of gravity casting mould solution accounted for larger proportion. Because of gravity casting mould design is not standardized degree is not high. Do not have a high level of standardization of the mean, like a language examination, no answer. Gravity casting mould is used for the production of various kinds of machinery parts, such as auto parts, farmers uncle with agricultural machinery spare parts, our daily bread and butter tableware, etc. These products can be through the mold to production. So is on-demand customized! So gravity casting mould design engineer technology and experience to do it. Because of the different customers, different products, different requirements, to take account of the point would be greatly different. In general is almost in the direction of the big, mold quality, is often caused by a small details. So the design of high quality solutions for the quality of the product platform is important!
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