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Problems in the production of heat resistant steel profiling - Explain!

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-05
Problems in the production of heat resistant steel profiling & ndash; Explain! Under the economic development from time to time, we asked for heat resistant steel castings also increasingly large. Especially the automobile engine cylinder block, cylinder head casting, requires not only good material, but also require high precision size and appearance light method, the weight is lighter. Therefore, as a key factor affecting the quality of heat resistant steel castings &industry xiaohong, modelling, have to adopt new technology and equipment, to meet the demand of the casting quality and yield. Is really from the point of usage, the molding line for our country's casting production and quality improvement, but with our vision to see, or not enough. 【 There is a problem) 1. Design problems due to the complexity of model line equipment, action, strong logicality, therefore, is hard to avoid in the design of ill-considered place, especially in the early stages of the molding line design, more question 2. Management without a plan, fragmented phenomenon is serious, leading some enterprise does not consider their own actual situation, a blind horse, but later on due to insufficient funds, the reason such as the product is not right, cause has large investment, but has not yet formed production capacity and the number of idle equipment. Enterprise internal management, often displays in: maintenance personnel responsibility is not clear, there is no clear system of equipment maintenance, spare parts procurement and maintenance, the maintenance personnel quality is low, poor salary. Often see this phenomenon: the operator maintenance man at work in the rest, operators work repairers are off work, at least, whether you need equipment spare parts, whether to work, in spite of is need maintenance, no one tube, only the equipment can't open, to repair, and then change the spare parts is often not appropriate. Online spare parts such as modelling of some factory is by the equipment department to organize, online what to prepare, prepare, basic not ventilation and maintenance personnel, buying spare parts are not tangible and modelling online actual control, thus affecting production. 3. Production tasks is insufficient, the high cost in today's market economy, the discretion of the heat-resistant steel casting cost is more and more important. In recent years, due to the vigorous development of the villages and towns and private casting enterprises, and the city's environmental protection requirements, plus the villages and towns and private casting enterprises with low cost, flexible operating company, the enterprise of the casting in a growing share of the market, leading to some molding line of large and medium-sized enterprises lack of production capacity. 4. Poor equipment reliability are the major factors effecting the reliability of design design, manufacture, installation, production management, maintenance, etc. Unreasonable parts in the design of improper selection, material selection, is one of the important factor affecting the reliability, in the past emphasized the localization and cost reduction, therefore, all components for the local parts. But because the domestic no device quality closes nevertheless, seriously affected the model line to start the rate. Manufacturing quality, will also impact molding line drive rates, including internal quality and dimensional accuracy. 5. The ministry does not match at home and abroad due to the difference in productivity and the actual casting equipment calibration, so often leads to foundry don't match the ministry, which affects the moulding line to start the rate, according to incomplete statistics, general model line due to the Labour ministry does not match for downtime which is about 30 - About 50%. About & other; Problems in the production of heat resistant steel profiling & throughout; Small make up a summary above 5 points, I hope to give you the reader to be able to offer to help, but have a problem, we should find ways to solve, how to solve it, small make up have the following to share: 1. Strengthen learning, to attract domestic and foreign advanced technology and experience, mainly in case 2. To strengthen management and improve the system of maintenance, and hence 3. Strengthen quality consciousness, improve the quality of the product above is nanjing foundry small make up bring you share, you have more questions can online consulting or dial the hotline: 020-86 22139325
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