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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-29
In the casting industry, the use of gravity casting machine can say very widely, many in the field of product can be produced by gravity casting machine, but in the internal structure of complicated castings products, gravity casting machine casting of misrun occasionally happen, we want to solve it, you know why this would happen. Gravity casting machine casting gating during production when the short run, it may be that the temperature of the liquid metal or gravity casting mold temperature is too low, the production of casting wall thickness, causes the liquid metal solidification too fast, causing the casting product misrun, it is possible that the improper casting technology, pouring of liquid metal flow is small, the result of casting time is too long. If used in the gravity casting machine casting metal liquid metal composition is bad, can make the liquid metal flow is not enough, so that the liquid metal haven't flow to all parts of the mould has been frozen. So in the daily production of gravity casting machine, the need to pay attention to the mold and the temperature of the liquid metal, metal composition and casting used in casting process, to reduce the misrun. ​​
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