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Principle - gravity casting machine, gravity casting Casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-07
As we know, gravity casting machine is adopted by the metal liquid by gravity casting and mold all corners of the principle to produce castings, also called the principle of gravity casting. Molding machine by using the theory of sand mold casting by foundry to produce casting sand casting model. Do you know these two principles in the production of covers and loss have what different? Joe to tell you the truth. Because foundry casting need sand break up first, and then to cast, model place also needs certain space, unlike the gravity casting principle of the gravity casting machine only need one gravity casting mould is ok, so in the production of casting products production under the condition of same, gravity casting than foundry casting covers an area of less a lot. Foundry casting really belongs to a traditional casting way, so we can know that naturally foundry casting casting loss proportion to force the wastage of the casting. In the finished castings and sprue gate, on the proportion of gravity casting make the liquid metal flow, need to rely on gravity so small in proportion to the gravity casting than sand casting, gravity casting sprue gate to smaller.
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