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Pig iron for steel making and foundry pig iron, what are the main difference?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-27
Pig iron for steel making and foundry pig iron, what are the main difference? Similarities: can make steel. But casting pig iron, steel is not cost-effective. Pig iron for steel making silicon content is not greater than 1. 7%, carbon in Fe3c exist. With a white so harder and more brittle fracture. Foundry pig iron silicon content is 1. 25 - 3. 6%. And more carbon to graphite exist. Fracture is grey. Soft, easy to machining. Foundry in the process of casting molten iron first mainly from ore smelting in blast furnace, at this time of molten iron and impurities is higher, the carbon content can be used to cast iron block to the converter steelmaking, often steelmaking but also add some low carbon, iron, with the hot metal can also be further refining to remove some impurities ( Including further decarburization) And make the iron carbon decomposition ( Silicon carbide, therefore sometimes join, at this time of steelmaking needs to consider when the silicon content is allowed) A stone mill state precipitation, used for pouring castings ( Cast iron) 。 Pig iron carbon content is high, in the eutectic composition, the composition of cast iron is low in the eutectic composition. They further smelting carbon reduction, ( Including iron with low carbon) And further reduce the carbon content is steel. Also often add other alloying elements in steel, smelting by adjusting alloying elements in steel ( Including carbon) Proportional relations, is refined into various types of steel, this process is steel. See you say pig iron and cast iron can be used to make steel. Drop again become pure iron, carbon steel also called wrought iron. Wrought iron is very soft. Pig iron to the wrought iron smelting mainly is the lower carbon content.
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