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Permanent mold casting

Permanent mold casting


Permanent mold casting is a simple process of producing many castings by use of only one permanent mold. In this permanent mold casting process, the molten or fluid state metal is poured into a mold, and when it cools and becomes solid, the mold is then removed, and we can use that mold again and again. This mold is generally made up of high-temperature stable metal material like pure cast iron or stainless steel, which can be used many times.

Advantages of permanent mold casting

It is casually made up of iron or steel, so it has comparatively high strength, elasticity, toughness and is also highly malleable. This all leads to a fast cooling process, and that molten metal gets solidified quickly. This all leads to quick production and saves both time and money. One of the best advantages is that this process gives the final metal a sharp and good surface finish. It also provides better dimensional accuracy, leading to the best quality product. Permanent mold casting also masses production rates because it takes a short time to give a final metal.

Disadvantages of permanent mold casting

The type of metals used in this process is much expensive because this process needs metals with high-temperature stability and high melting point. The tooling of this process is also too high, which is uneconomical for a small production company. The most important parts of this process are mold material and the pouring temperature. If the pouring temperature has a slight change, it will affect the life of the mold; it creates a shrinkage problem in the mold.

Permanent mold casting - Applications

Permanent mold casting is used on a large scale in the various automobile industries to create different parts of the vehicle, such as gears, engine pistons, castings, and many minor parts. It also helps in manufacturing aircraft parts with less weight but a high melting point. Permanent mold casting is also used to make various showpieces made up of metal. 

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