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Old expert knowledge on the surface of the secret of nodular cast iron galvanized special purposes

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-05
Ductile cast iron is widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other fields, thanks to the excellent mechanical performance, ductile iron, including excellent wear resistance, high damping, etc. Ductile iron is a kind of high strength cast iron material, its comprehensive performance is close to steel, have been successfully used in casting some complex loading, requiring higher strength, toughness and abrasion resistance parts. The so-called & other; In steel & iron generation throughout; , mainly refers to nodular cast iron. Ductile iron is close to the performance of carbon steel, but it is very easy molding casting performance, processing performance is better than that of cast steel, more heat resistant, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance than steel. Ductile iron than the tensile strength, plasticity and toughness of low carbon steel. Although the mechanical properties of nodular cast iron is better than steel, but because of the existence of graphite is given by the many for nodular cast iron steel is less than the performance. Such as good wear resistance, high damping resistance, low notch sensitivity, and good machinability. In addition, its high carbon content, its composition is close to the eutectic composition, so it's low melting point, which is about 1200 ℃ or so, good hot metal flow, because the graphite crystal volume expansion, so send little shrinkage, the casting performance is better than that of steel, thus made casting foundry method is used, usually called nodular cast iron. So, you know in the galvanizing on the surface of the nodular cast iron do you have any special purpose? Below to learn about it: ductile iron casting can beat the other artifacts become first choice to use a variety of circumstances, is because it has strong compressive capacity and excellent anticorrosion performance, the anticorrosion performance is from the galvanized layer on the surface of the product. Electrochemical reaction lag in when the zinc and iron has been, will be in the form stable protection layer on the surface of the nodular cast iron, the protection of products play an active role. And when nodular cast iron pieces of the galvanized layer in the process of contact with the soil, metal zinc will be gradually into a tight, adhesion, continuous zinc salt layer, this is an insoluble substance. Of nodular cast iron pieces of galvanized there is another reason, which is able to can repair the layer automatically in the formation of lesions, to ensure the integrity of the workpiece, thus, ductile iron parts are well solve the corrosion problem. Speak a little bit more simple is galvanized to prevent nodular cast iron corrosion, have a protective role for it. That is the reason of ductile cast iron surface to be galvanized processing. In addition to note: during the production of ductile iron parts, pay attention to the surface of the coarse sand, scale, etc should be clean, poured riser, air flow, fleshy, fins and burr should get rid of residual roots. Allow machining surface defects and the surface of the allowance range, but there is no influence the properties of the casting using casting defects ( Such as crack, cold insulation, shrinkage, slag inclusion, etc. ) There is. This article comes from: nanjing foundry co. , LTD. Nanjing foundry co. , LTD is a highly market competitiveness of cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings and profile production base. More details, can online advice! Or dial the hotline: 020-86 22139325
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