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Low-pressure casting machine is an advanced special casting method in which liquid metal is filled under

pressure from bottom to top and then solidified to obtain a casting.

Atmospheric pressure (dry air or inert gas) of about 0.01-0.08 MPa is applied to the liquid surface of the sealed aluminum liquid,and the aluminum liquid raises along a pipe (riser pipe) placed in the aluminum liquid and flows into the upper mold of the holding furnace.In the mold,when the aluminum liquid is completely solidified from the upper portion of the mold to the gate,the aluminum liquid in the riser pipe flows back,and the mold is opened to take out the casting. 

Low pressure casting machine advantages               Low pressure casting machine disadvantages


Solidification under pressure,product structure is dense and the quality is good.

Casting precision is high and high process yield.

The metal has good fluidity,the casting has clear outline and the surface is smooth.

No feeder,flow gate is small,reducing remelt of feeder and flow gate,saving energy.

The sand core and other materials can be placed in the mold cavity,which has wide practicality.

The size of the product is basically unlimited for the machine and the mold.

The equipment is mechanized and highly automated.

Filling and cooling time is long,casting circle is long.

Casting wall thickness needs over 3mm.

Automobile parts


Cast aluminum alloy has some advantages that other castings can't match,such as aesthetics,light weight and corrosion resistance.Especially after the lightweight of automobiles,the application of cast aluminum alloy castings in the automotive industry is more and more.

Compared with the gravity casting process,low pressure die casting has higher mechanical properties and a smooth and clear surface.Because the product is filled under a certain pressure,it can produce castings with thin-walled and complex internal structure.

Compared with the high-pressure die-casting process,the low pressure die casting can make heat treatment to enhance and improve the mechanical properties of the product;for some hollow products,sand cores and other materials can be placed, which reduces the design difficulty of the mold;The investment cost of the casting machine is generally one-fourth of that of the high-pressure die-casting machine. Although the production efficiency of the high pressure die-casting machine is much higher than that of the low-pressure casting machine,the choice of the low-pressure casting machine is more advantageous for users with lower output in the early stage.

Industry parts


Low pressure casting machines have great advantages in the production of some industrial aluminum castings,especially the production of some large-scale aluminum castings.Compared with other casting methods,low-pressure casting machines are basically not affected by the size of the product.For some large products that need sand cores,low-pressure casting technology can achieve good filling effect and high dimensional accuracy.There are also some castings,which have high requirements on the mechanical properties (air tightness, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.) of the products.The castings produced by the low-pressure casting machine can meet these requirements well,and the produced castings can withstand dozens MPa pressure.

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