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Molding machine should be how to choose

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-19
Science and technology changes with each passing day today, molding machine type is various, unwilling to lag behind to choose good molding machine whether to pay attention to what aspects? Machine modeling method, the choice of the modelling method should be selected according to the comprehensive considering various factors, mainly has: ( 1) Precision casting: when casting dimension precision, surface roughness demanding castings, should choose the model of sand mold with high density method. ( 2) Material: cast material is qualitative different, different to the requirement of sand mould stiffness. Generally higher than that of non ferrous alloy cast steel, cast iron requirements, ductile iron is higher than that of gray iron and malleable cast iron. For the high sand mould rigidity requirements of material, appropriate chooses the modelling of sand mold with high density method. ( 3) Mold structure, for example when casting has a narrow groove, high sand, intensive air flow, etc, should choose high precision mould and sand mould compactness uniform modeling method. ( 4) Casting production, quantity and varieties: large output, large batch and single casting varieties appropriate chooses the modelling of high production efficiency or dedicated equipment; Small batch and many varieties of castings appropriate chooses the modelling process for flexible production organization and equipment. Single production by hand modelling is advisable. ( 5) Casting shape, size and weight: when conditions permit, similar shape, size and weight difference of the casting should choose the same moulding machine. Especially when the sand box need to set up box with, so that the unity of the sand box. ( 6) Sand requirements: in the same production line arrangement on multiple sets of model machine, should consider the requirement of uniform sand as far as possible to choose automatic molding machine. ( 7) Molding workshop: the configuration of the equipment in the transformation of old workshop is this point is particularly important to combine the original workshop workshop conditions, and other equipment ( Such as furnace, sand processing, etc. ) Production capacity, technological level, transportation conditions, technological process, etc. , is analyzed with system engineering perspective, determine to choose which kind of moulding machine is most suitable, to play the biggest investment benefit. ( 8) Tooling conditions: the shape of the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness level should match the chosen of moulding machine. ( 9) Less preferable, pollution-free, Low noise, do not send out harmful gas) And can satisfy the environmental protection, the modelling of industrial hygiene and labor safety equipment.
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