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Molding machine safety operation procedures

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-22
Let bo Joe mechanical experts with everyone together to get to know the moulding machine safety operation procedures: 1, abide by moulding machine general operating procedures. 2, molding machine, stripping, plunger, it is necessary to smooth and synchronization on or otherwise, tell repair personnel to repair. 3, molding machine pressure real-time, sand bar bogie should roll smoothly, don't too hard, operation impact. 4, it is necessary to pay attention to before and after the operators in production mold is outstanding, the mould core and mould positioning pin is supporting. 5, the operator of the molding machine operation should be thinking, have gathered 6, molding machine box when completed, should according to the rules of skills, pouring mold crane moved to set point ( Line) 。 Put neat, and weight or clamp lock box. Miscellaneous pieces of it is necessary to indicate the mark. 7, molding machine stop sand accumulation is too high, usually may not go beyond two meters, the things necessary to accumulation is neat, avoid the attack. 8, when using a blowtorch, should pay attention to safety, avoid fire attack, it is necessary to use line lamp is below 36 v low-voltage light bulbs, disable more than 220 v high pressure lamp. 9, molding machine use when driving, should check the sling is outstanding, the lifting hook should be fastened straight chain, banning tilt hanging and overload lifting. 10, banned under the sand box operation mode operation. Large sand box out of the box, turn over box thing it necessary to use square MATS. 11, molding machine using sand box necessary and firm, Mr Intact no crack and twists and turns.
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