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Molding machine operation characteristics and operation attention to detail

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-24
Molding machine casting: the metal melting into meet certain requirements of the liquid is poured into the mold, after cooling solidification, men get a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting ( Parts or blank) The technological process. The foundation of modern machinery manufacturing industry technology. Blank casting production cost is low, for complex shape, especially the parts with complex inner cavity, more can show its economical efficiency; At the same time, it has a wide adaptability, and has better comprehensive mechanical properties. But the casting materials needed for production, Material such as metal, wood, fuel, molding machine, etc. ) And equipment ( Such as metallurgical furnace, sand mixing machine, molding machine, core making machine, shakeout machine, shot blasting machine, cast iron plate, etc. ) More, and can produce dust and harmful gas and noise and pollution of the environment. Molding machine is a kind of common casting machinery and equipment. Molding machine when using, pay attention to the key points of its operation, ensure the safe use of work. Many people use of molding machine is not very understanding, think that as long as put into use, can normal operation. 1, to the time a molding machine operation training of personnel shall not operate this equipment. 2, before start the molding machine to check whether there is any guide, on the moving parts of equipment operation personnel near. Don't put the tools such as debris on the equipment. 4, molding machine equipment in operation, are not allowed to touch the moving parts and electrical components. 5, after repair, check and adjust the solenoid valve can not restore to its original state, must pay attention to the observation of the electricity, ventilation, to avoid dangerous accident action. Molding machine operating characteristics 1, molding machine operation, one key every time without professional workers complete modelling just press the start button ( No core work conditions) , such as the core of the workpiece, after the selection process, automatic stop, the core is completed, press the mode button, the program automatically. 2, horizontal parting, convenient and the core. 3, equipment use ordinary coal powder sand and clay sand, red sand can, molding machine commonly used sand, the requirement of sand is not high. 4, template installation: four screws, five minutes to change, to adapt to the frequent replacement of mold. 5, mold hardness: mold hardness can adjust freely according to the requirements of different castings, only need to adjust several parameters is very convenient and fast, up to 85 - 90 degrees. 6, casting height is adjustable and save sand: compaction plate adjustable up and down, resulting in a different mould height. 7 type, precision: modelling type, all in unified positioning template, sandbox system, high repeat precision. 8, cast quality constant uniform: the machine adopts high precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer, position detection, the modelling process automatic control, without human factors interference, so the shape quality is stable, uniform, efficient and reliable. 9, is equipped with safety protection device: advanced screen protection, ensure the personal safety of operators. 10, modelling speed: about 50 seconds per box. 11, mold size: 420 * 520 mm, 450 * 550 mm, 510 * 610 mm, 610 * 710 mm specifications, can be customized according to customer requirement specification models.
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