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Molding machine manufacturer to tell you: fully automatic molding machine should pay attention to the matter

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-23
Molding machine manufacturer to tell you: automatic molding machine should pay attention to item 1, automatic molding machine open to follow the operating rules for; 2, automatic molding machine before open to check the homework, refer to the sand dust and check the fuel tank; 3, on the basis of fully automatic molding machine produces the artifact needs to recuperate shock height, progress to produce power; 4, automatic molding machine equipment after open don't stand right in front of people, to avoid attacks personal issue; Fully automatic molding machine operation, time of automatic molding machine movement situation, present questions should be immediately shut down. Operate automatic modelling confidential in accordance with the instructions to operation, if the private line is may don't want to lost. Error automatic modelling opportunity which disturb program operation, forming type box is damaged, the damage of sand mold and sand damage will cause the material of abuse, this is a chain reaction. Through many years development, the reasonable price, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service, not only to my company in the domestic market share launches, obtains the customer and peer praise, more on the break into the world market has a place, repeatedly successful export all over the world. My company employees together with outstanding quality and rich experience, can contact the customer request to develop has the characteristics of all kinds of goods. Our company promises: my company will consistently adhere to the high quality of the goods they sell, and regularly sold equipment to do repair and service. Our company can supply quick service for the customer, 24 hours on standby emergency repair, exquisite skills of service personnel can timely processing of all kinds of questions mechanical diseases.
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