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Molding machine manufacturer to read all the way 'area' under the development of the future?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-22
Molding machine manufacturer to interpret 'area' under the future development of the molding machine? Since our guide xi chairman speech as 'area', from all walks of life are for their development prospects are considered. One thing is no doubt that strict on enterprise production environmental protection, 'One Belt And One Road' strategy will make our country more prosperous and strong, and made great contributions to the world trade. So, what is the future of the molding machine? As everybody knows, molding machine is divided into fully automatic molding machine, take off the box molding machine, etc. Molding machine used in the manufacture of sand mold casting equipment. Its main function is: sand filling, the loose sand filling into the sand box; Tight sand, through vibration compaction, the compaction, the shock pressure, different methods, such as the loose sand in the sand box tight, make the sand mould is necessary in the process of handling and casting strength; Draw, use different institutions to tighten solid after withdrawal of sand mold. Molding machine first appeared in the middle of the 19th century, the early moulding machine is a kind of simple manual compaction with a draw, then using compressed air as shock compaction and dynamic compaction sand. Then under the 'area', molding machine manufacturers will take by the national development strategy, the major export regions and countries, let molding machine used more widely, and guangdong bo Joe mechanical equipment co. , LTD. Will become a molding machine export countries under the 'area' all the way to the leader. Welcome fellow friends to visit, Joe machinery specialized is engaged in the molding machine, fully automatic molding machine, box molding machine, direct manufacturers, quality is good!
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