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Molding machine manufacturer is to teach you how to make casting sand mold and sand core drying _ machinery

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-23
Bo Joe mechanical automatic molding machine manufacturer analysis of sand mold and sand core after drying, can increase the strength and permeability, reduce gas evolution, in the process of casting weight castings. But because modelling, different core materials and different size, the drying process is also different. Made of clay sand sand mold. Sand core in drying oven drying; Clay sand ground pit from portable oven drying; Most of water glass sand, sand core with carbon dioxide gas hardening, also have use heating cover or into the furnace or into the far infrared ray said. Now in drying oven, for example. A brief introduction to the drying process. The first stage for preheating stage, this is to make the mould. The process of sand mold both inside and outside temperature. Oven ignition closed after flue gate, make water vapour to escape, but as far as possible to reduce the surface evaporation of sand mold and sand core, try to keep the original humidity, increase the thermal conductivity, the heat from the outside as soon as possible from the inner layer, to both inside and outside temperature. This stage heating speed cannot too fast, otherwise the internal and external temperature difference is too big, outside a oriented surface water evaporation, side also migrate to the inner, not only reduces the drying speed, and may even sand mold and sand core surface burn out. The second stage for heating stage. After preheating stage of sand mold and sand core and its outer temperature difference is small, the temperature difference plays a main role, to speed up the temperature rise, at this stage to the process planning of the highest temperature of heat preservation, open the flue gate at the same time, strengthen the furnace gas circulation, reduce furnace humidity continuously, until finished drying. The third stage of furnace cooling stage. Stop heating, and half shut flue gate, lower the temperature and melt temperature. In the cooling process, due to the release of sand mold and sand core itself chequer, residual moisture continue to discharge and evaporation, sand mold and sand core continued to dry. Molding machine manufacturer - - Bo Joe mechanical summary above just for general situation, and only when it comes to moisture migration and evaporation, the actual drying process is very complex, it is a lot of binder type, the size of sand mold and sand core, air temperature, sand grain size and and many factors such as the operation condition of the baking furnace. Joe mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of molding machine, fully automatic molding machine, bo Joe automatic molding machine can satisfy the demands of your casting molding, non-standard custom for you.
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