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Molding machine how to disposal of the antifreeze

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-19
1, before start the molding machine process modelling, preheated first half an hour, as to achieve the ideal state of the oil temperature. Molding machine 2, because the winter load becomes smaller, for multiple devices in parallel running system, part of the equipment of fan, water pump stop, should maintain internal heat exchange tube ( Not less than 80% of design flow rate) Run; For small circulating water system of antifreeze can consider adding glycol solution; Add antifreeze can one-time solve problems and no trouble back at home. 3, if the equipment continuous working without antifreeze, the environment temperature is between 0 ℃ to - 5 ℃, down more than 10 hours must be anti-freezing measures, the environment temperature is between - 5 ℃ to - 10 ℃, power more than 5 hours must be anti-freezing measures, environmental temperature is below - Above 10 ℃, 1 hour outage must have an anti-freezing measures. Anti-freezing measures can consult some time anti-freezing measures run occasion.
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