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Molding machine fault cases of problems and solutions

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-22
Below by Joe mechanical experts and you look at the molding machine mismatch problem and the solution: 1, molding machine, plate dislocation: in the process of casting process design, for the casting structure itself, will not be able to ensure that the determination of parting surface principle: all or most of the casting as far as possible be on the same box to reduce the fault type; Thus need to die, when the design on the box are; Even 3 cases of modelling or more cases of modelling. In the process of mould making, if production level is not high, or mold assembly level is not high, so it is easy to cause dislocation type plate. Molding machine plate is required for double plate, plate a piece of two separate the model box up and down, when the design is not really separate model, is separated from the parting surface fluctuation model, after the completion of the production overall inlaid on the plate, model won't be changed, thus can avoid plate mismatch problem. But it is relative to the smaller model is relatively easy to implement, but for larger size model, also have to consider when the plate and mold assembly optimization design depends on the positioning pin. 2, molding machine conical positioning pin with sand block: level of automatic molding machine has a special design, is a conical positioning pin positioning, this way is convenient to replace the template. Template does not need to be fixed, change the template only need to carry the use of the template, put on the new template amplification, mold shelves can change the template is very fast. But, if this conical positioning pin surface cleaning not easy adhering sand, modelling, the box up and down when clamping due to blowing sand is not clean, dowel pin surface are floating sand, on the box and the box box is lax, left a gap, between plate and sand box up and down is not parallel, causing dislocation. Shape on with sand machine, box template and sand box closed no, also easy to cause dislocation. In order to prevent the conical positioning pin cone adhering sand, modelling has blown sand device on board, each completed a cycle, use removal lon-izing float sand blown away. 3, type of molding machine push too fast, and dislocation: in general, hydraulic power unit performance stability, service life, power consumption is reduced, but in the actual production process, due to long-term use, oil cylinder seal easy ageing, cause the untight seal, and sometimes due to poor cooling effect of the hydraulic pump station, oil temperature is too high, or prone to problems. Molding machine in the process of modelling, after the completion of the box model, the first is to take off the box oil cylinder to drive to take off the case board finish the tanks on modelling sand tire from the auxiliary sand box, sand mold plate back in situ, at this time or after the completion of the box model sand tire needs from the Labour transfer to pouring I Labour to the casting section, if push cylinder speed too fast, push the box plate driven by box sand tire will and sand box tire shaking and moving on. 4, molding machine box wall cleaning not clean, covered with sand block: handling box on sand for casting tire, residual sand block push mould mobile sets of walls, walls and direct contact with the sand mould; When pouring in the sand mold cavity under high temperature when the moisture migration, outside the sand mould surface condensing into water droplets, encounter boxed glued into sand ball directly adsorption on the wall in the cabinet. Under normal circumstances, on the sand tire from pouring completed removed later, need cleaning device; But after long-term use, the sweeper brush aging will cause the cleaning not clean, the set of walls are sand, in the box on the sand tires, these extra sand sand can cause fetal mobile, to use sand mold. 5, molding machine, stripping, sand box tire on tilt: molding machine template on the draw frame, modelling, after the completion of the template from the draw frame draw protection is not a level, draw the different speed to draw highly inconsistent, draw after completed the core box, box under the sand tire flat on the transfer bus, on the sand tire tilt; In a box, the box will push the box sand set for mobile. Actually this kind of circumstance and the above set of tank cleaning not clean with sand block, the end result is from top to bottom box sand tire position misalignment. Anyhow, molding machine in the practical production, some wrong box does not cause the casting scrap, through mechanical processing, or to a certain fault type of the range of allowable value; But for precise production, fault type value as small as possible, in order to achieve this goal, but also in the process of production continue to check these factors fault type, don't wait to produce castings discovered the wrong type, so you should control each link in the process of production.
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