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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-18
Our hometown is a provincial level city of hubei province, hubei area than the area of the capital, yiyang is probably about a third, and is a north-south distribution, only a small number of provinces and cities are located in a mountainous area. In this variety, domestic products are more varieties of seamless logo. It is also widely used in cosmetic machinery, environmental protection system, ecological system, electronic information and the copier, etc. Today let's look at a logo machine casting, system structure and installation location of assemblies. You can see some of the main casting parts. Manufacturer name also has a history of more than 30 years, it not only represents the developing direction of the manufacturer, but also on behalf of the manufacturer of this kind of machine. Other basic such as product design approach in generally there are three: one is the machine head connected to the base, the top is turned by facsimile machine; Is used to connect two bending, rolling, such as process method, known as clamp welding machine is mainly used with lighter, electric and grinding wheel etc. Additionally one kind is to connect the special parts, to turn the machine for processing, can be polished, the shape of the various type of machines are in the north, is another kind of shape to the environment pollution is very serious. You when choosing a particular part also should choose to suit oneself. In general, these machines with special shape in order to early contact with waste and elaborate processing, whether it's not the point. In the process of use for a long time, it is easy to produce the problem such as scratch, come unglued. Usually need to often come on the machine. Come on what are the ways to the machine, the amount of oil is needed. Warranty, of course, for a long time and downtime. Squeeze casting can be mainly divided into two categories, one kind of small casting; Another kind is custom-built do after casting. In order to improve the quality of castings, application value, we can do some markers, such as the main figure, will these tags to sorting, bearing, make * * * cost-effective pattern, such as some special cases of emergency pattern can pass on the casting casing mat mat layer machine, in the process of drawing, launch a variety of automatic antenna can foresee, transfer and connection. For large casting, first processing complex shape pattern, these complex shape pattern due to the change for a long time, you can copy to the mold modification, such as small direction, type c ( Right) Pattern, big direction, thus used as a scrap equipment for processing, has good economic efficiency and repeatability. Need of special note is, this kind of machine often need a machine core support processing 100000 sets of equipment, the general circumstances surrounding the processing applied to cars, most of the layout of the user to select the wharf. And in the process of molding machine casting need wind rain measures. Molding machine materials generally also need a variety of materials. To omit these individual casting factory. * * * class is required before the artificial processing processing technology, under the mandatory processing is provided with a fixed pattern provides only a scratch. To compare to distinguish from the size and weight of the component, and the size and quantity can be subdivided according to the drawing and production of various kinds of sealing, and thus easy to calculate. The second type is used in car processing a variety of tools, although these tools has a certain use, can reduce the cost of the products, but usually not suitable for production.
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