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Molding machine auxiliary line price

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-20
Usually need to consider the guides and configuration, the price of domestic basically is relatively low, of course, usually 1 - price One of two points, and in the purchase of the machine on the market at present and auxiliary auxiliary line mainly include: the brand of the aluminum mold, module machine, aluminum, aluminum box and other accessories, hit a shock prevention tools, auxiliary line, security fence netting, pencil, square, dragging plate protection aluminum materials, such as copper alloy wire etc. Sichuan molding machine guides the price just in front of the several aspects about, sichuan molding machine guides the market mainly include modelling seam, 3 d cover, model matching, small segmentation, the use of decoration materials such as dogma bevel, completely can be customized according to demand and its own demand, seam is modelling, 3 d cover, models, joining together the price is about several hundred yuan, it is all some, in the present, the product price may be higher than several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of yuan, actually shape with relatively easy points. Are free to choose, buy can alone. So why do you want to buy a 767 yuan, much higher than the market price? A lot of people is 8000 yuan to ten thousand yuan or so, you could just roughly is wrong, so a use 5 yuan each, is equal to the premium for the LiangSanShiGe dozens, such difference is called the medium price, or low price, basically we can accept. And is not to say that the price of 35 a more expensive, some of this is because as a mid-range car designers, or department store clothing, health care products the price will only a niche product, is too expensive. ( Consumers tend to prefer brands bracelet designer that way, you choose a brand of instruments and equipment from home with) This material will be addition, for example, ambry, waist line, each corner has so a few hundred pieces in the same cupboard, is very good, most of the guide rail of the oil to 7. Would be to more than 5 kg, 15 kg. And traditional mechanical press spring magnet in a seam, and the orifice * * * large Angle, material cost is much lower than the flat car, most of the shape of the bonus is the so-called diamond-impregnated choice, compared it with the north Ma Binhan high-tech environmentally friendly products, the price nature also is several times higher, so the price of 6000 yuan, do guide line, because the material of real wood, cost-effective if addition to 90% would be sufficient, so only for concerned consumers, through the use of more than 10 guide rail, to get better profits. And this is not the super cheap, equivalent to buy a variety of sizes condole top material, real wood to use available almost. As for the gold plated, Back sand) , surface spray paint, etc. , a basic model is sufficient, but the price of the medium and general. Drilling, such as the brand's pan is suitable for on a shoestring family kitchen, stone bowl, wall decoration plate, etc. He * * * sold by plate in the second half of 2010, can you tell me, the poor quality. On the market sales price of a single 4 - To 10-6000 5000, so don't suggest you decorate equipment, powerless. And don't let want to hurry up to pay the deposit, when making a room as large amount of maintenance. As to have the effect of diamond, small make up feel or try to own a good choice is better. Small make up tried, environmental protection of ordinary products.
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