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Molding machine advantages than manual

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-24
The advantage of a molding machine than handmade molding, molding machine by our factory with the need for the requirements of technical workers greatly decreased, don't need a professional worker can operate, can work to work as long as a day or two. Second, the molding machine is due to mechanical manufacturing, he vibration compaction, the compaction instead of manual operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers can also save a lot of manpower, save manpower factory a day can save a lot of money. Three, the molding machine adopts mechanical modelling is usually faster than the original handmade molding, more than double the efficiency of the day is equivalent to the original efficiency of two days. Four, workpiece using mechanical vibration and compaction, than ordinary handmade molding sand compaction degree is high, and the size of the casting can ensure that three over one thousand of the error rate, uniform quality, appearance is bright and clean and beautiful.
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