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Modelling of casting molding machine 3 big advantage

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-12
Casting molding machine modelling is a lot of advantages, Joe mechanical today to summarize three: 1, the casting moulding machine, our factory need the requirements of technical workers greatly decreased, don't need a professional worker can operate, can mount guard work as long as half a day. 2, casting molding machine adopts mechanical modelling is usually faster than the original manual modelling, efficiency is equivalent to the original a day two days of efficiency. 3, workpiece by machine automatic molding machine, than ordinary handmade molding sand compaction degree is high, and the size of the casting can ensure that three over one thousand of the error rate, uniform quality, appearance is bright and clean and beautiful. Users throughout the country constantly use Joe casting moulding machine, not only because of our machine quality, but also because we have a national leading service team, we have professional after-sale team are professional knowledge.
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