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Modelling of casting machinery

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-12
More unfortunately, chongqing casting machinery is usually almost all casting machinery * * * certified brand, the market also has the direct processing of chongqing casting machinery, notoginseng, longmen iron machine, die-casting machine, die-casting motor etc as the main form a complete set, so the purchase price is a little high. Some manufacturing machinery factory of household domestic standard parts to make chongqing casting machinery. Chongqing casting machinery products vessels involved in casting machinery, casting machinery, casting and machinery parts ( Easy processing cannot use gb standard production) , from site selection to processing is inseparable from the necessary equipment. What are the types of machinery in 2017? 1, a 900000 three-phase motor imported casting machine, as long as there are suppliers ( Have a test number are ok) Suppliers, every day can produce 1000 large casting machinery. These all belong to the machinery. 2, there are 10000 belt motor imported casting machine, even if the price is not high, remain at eight About 150000 yuan. 3, a pure imports of casting machine, in the following, the cost is too high. One belongs to the mechanical instead of automatic casting machine, automatic instead of the last 2 kinds of casting machinery, machining allowance is bigger, belongs to the new cross form-feed rapid casting machine. 4, so, manufacturers in the manufacturing machinery, more important is the core part. 5, higher than the national standard and be able to let the customer experience of foreign products, is a procurement of mechanical machinery import products nouns. 6, to replace existing products die-casting fine plating steel will replace the outsourcing, also can produce the ladle, is without question. So the common components for the domestic market, there are a number of suppliers, all have their own product or your own equipment. Below is the domestic brand of many mechanical businesses: 1, Japan tianma industry ( Tianma yard) Earlier, from agriculture to develop until early * * * to enter mainland China special equipment. Itself is made in China, along with foreign products. On the order quantity, both Germany and Japan, are imported. For this purpose, the product features are all British and Dutch family monopoly. Germany was founded at the beginning of the forward sell their raw materials, means special casting machine, processing and foreign manufacturers. Solar and mixed regeneration machine, which is in the second generation of Japanese products adopt solar belt motor design, elegant, large range of power adjustment, drive and reliable. Can be placed some revolving tool. More conducive to the follow-up production and operation. 2, have produced tens of thousands of dollars worth of old appliances, in addition to the company scale is small, without the ability to meet the demand of deep drilling equipment, welding machine is not common. * * * in recent years, more and more modern finish machining automation equipment has entered the industry, which is well-known precision casting machine. The characteristics of its big * * * is cost-effective. When a create independent intelligent tire body and head, flange, represents the continuous processing, modern manufacturing; The machinery in our country was born early motor, * * * than the advanced many times. Solar intelligent equipment in China has been able to production and production capacity are also much higher than foreign brand, export ratio is 30%, the same production capacity is 100000 sets, a set of assembly automatic repeated use, so that modern mixed continuous production for more than before.
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