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Method to avoid casting defects is introduced

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-18
Steel is a kind of smelting process of products, this product is used in the middle of the industry is more, some machines are used in need of steel products, everyone should be know! A good steel product to get the welcome of people, good quality represents a good sales, so in the production of steel has a lot of local needs attention, such as to avoid casting defects. Steel to avoid defects of method 1, to avoid porosity because of the influence of convection and unstable pressure gradient, the casting of heavy section is unable to realize feeding up. So to follow all of the feeding pattern to ensure good feeding design, validated by computer simulation technology, the actual casting samples. Control of sand mold and sand core joint flash levels; Control mold coating thickness ( If there is one) ; Alloy and mould temperature control. 2, avoid convection hazards associated with coagulation time. Thin wall and thick wall castings can not influenced by convection harm. For the medium thickness casting: by casting structure or process to reduce the convection; 3, good steel melting started once to start pouring from high quality casting, the first thing to prepare, check and handle the melting process. If there is a requirement, can be used to accept a lower standard. However, the better choice is: to prepare and adopt smelting scheme close to zero defects. 4, avoid sand core porosity avoid sand core and sand mold of bubbles in the liquid metal into the cavity. Sand core must ensure that the very low gas content, or use appropriate exhaust to prevent sand core porosity. Unless you can guarantee completely dry, can't use clay sand core or mold repair gum. General steel manufacturers in the production of steel that is used when the methods to avoid defects, which illustrates this product is effective, has a great effect for us, if you have to buy lost foam casting pieces or air-defense accessories can call contact us.
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