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Metal casting performance have?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-04
Alloy casting performance mainly used: 1. 2 the filling ability. The solidification and contraction of 3. Segregation. 4. Inspiratory measure, etc. 1. Filling ability: liquid alloy cast, ability to obtain correct size, clear outline of castings, referred to as the liquid metal filling ability. Filling capability is strong, is easy to obtain, thin wall and complex casting is not easy to appear outline is not clear, defects such as misrun and cold shut; For gas in liquid metal and nonmetallic inclusions floatation, discharge, reduce the defects such as porosity, slag; Can improve the feeding capacity, reduce shrinkage cavity, shrinkage propensity. 2. The solidification and contraction: coagulation - - - - Substances from liquid to solid, the process of contraction - - - - Casting during solidification and cooling of the phenomenon of volume. Poured into a mold of liquid metal in the process of condensation, if solidification and contraction is not reasonable control, castings will appear shrinkage cavity, shrinkage porosity, casting stress, deformation, cracks and other defects. 3. In chemical composition segregation: in castings uneven phenomenon. Segregation of casting performance is uneven, caused a serious waste. 4. Inhalation: alloy nature of gas absorption during smelting and casting. Breathe in, can form pores in the casting. Stomatal destroyed the continuity of alloy, reduce the effective area of bearing, and cause stress concentration near the hole, and thus reduces the mechanical properties of castings, especially the impact toughness and fatigue strength significantly reduced. As dispersion of stomatal would also encourage the formation of a miniature pine, reduce casting air tightness.
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