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Metal casting coating preparation and coating

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-03
Paint coating for metal casting wall cavity is often important, can play an effective role, of course before coating preparation and adopted by way of coating is also key, and must be mastered. In the past, people like to use brush to brush the coating directly on the wall of the cavity, the consequences of such is the uneven coating, and there are obvious texture. After the emergence of new technology has made great changes, the use of advanced spraying method is to use spray gun spray directly onto the wall of the cavity, which reduces paint spots and accumulation in artifacts. First, metal castings must be thoroughly clean and rust go to besmear to brush after oil, if it is used in casting, it will be also have to clean up the original coating can be secondary coating. Commonly used way is sandblasting QingChuFa, this method is mainly to compressed air to the jet to wall cavity on the surface of aluminum alloy casting equipment, so that we can effectively remove the casting coating.
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