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Look from the production process of gravity casting machine quality

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-26
Gravity casting machine is also called the gravity casting machine, it is the production of casting products. Its use is very wide, can be a communications equipment installation, auto parts, tableware, etc. To say that can be seen everywhere in our life, it is how to produce the product? Gravity casting machine cannot directly casting products production, but through the mold to produce castings. Mold is according to the customer's product design or drawing, sculpture forming by CNC milling machine, and then put it on the work of gravity casting machine tools, injection, liquid metal under the action of gravity, make the liquid metal forming. It produced a casting. So, bo Joe gravity casting machine in processing need to pay attention to what? First of all, we gravity casting machine is the production of aluminum alloy mould; Second, we should according to the characteristics of the product to choose what kind of aluminum alloy, so that to meet customer demand, product mode of production to The Times.
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