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Like gravity casting machine has been widely industry

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-15
Bo Joe gravity casting machine can be 90 degrees to assist in the liquid is uniformly distributed in the gravity casting moulds, so bring forth out of the mechanical properties such as heat resistant, wear resistant castings will be better than the sand casting process. This is also one of the reasons for the gravity casting machine has become more and more popular, so many industries are replaced by gravity casting technology, upgrade the product. The density of aluminum parts will be smaller than cast iron and cast steel, high strength, however, so under the same load using cast aluminum parts can reduce the weight of the structure, so in the aviation industry, machinery and transport machinery, cast aluminum is used widely. Cast aluminum is widely used and, of course, is also linked to the characteristics of aluminum, aluminum alloy has good surface gloss and good corrosion resistance, is often used to make a civilian vessels, etc. Gravity casting machine is the use of aluminum melt into liquid for production, after the birth of casting of the thermal conductive performance is better than sand casting, so the more widely used, such as furniture factory, hardware factory, car wheel factory, even the faucet manufacturers will use gravity casting machine to produce.
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