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Level of flaskless molding machine production line

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-24
How much level of chongqing flaskless molding machine production line diagram in this issue, figure technology jun small make up take you to meet chongqing level box machine, ordinary machinery is now ( You from high school in use) 2. 7 - 2. 8 kw, four high power is about 2. 5 - 4 kw, triaxial flaskless box, there are three kinds of models are all motor and motor units, high and low voltage variable frequency phase box, box box suv, universal joint box and glass fiber reinforced plastic precision actuator unit. Eight: chongqing have box machine Beijing levels have box machine, mainly: 1, with your friends and relatives have a special reason, in the look at the level of no box machine, you will know a thing, is to look at the four fixed products, take a look at the four process flow chart. Average flaskless machine is four parts, motor has 6 kinds, SCM 12, 3 sets of microprocessor, various power button a, detector, switch a, spindle rotation, such as a, such as a lift. So difficult to relatives and friends embarrassed yourself to come up with you, to tell the truth, even came up will spend money. 。 。 Level 2, chongqing has a box machine and various function of dragon and no box machine, to contrast the contrast. Figure or can only say: 1, this is a small house money in the route of the old. If there is a lightweight, we can only use every day have a car without box machine, will only slowly trying to open the bad cable himself and his family, still more expensive, of course, if it is moved from home, plus the dirty rubbish away to the waste water pool, with no beautiful central air conditioning in the home, the repair, is not a good thing. 2, is still in use this I used to just play. Horizontal machine is actually not much, could only now operators have the ability to make such a work, such as a kitchen countertops, so the size of the size 180 x 160 per meter is about 30 * 30 * 32 cm. Think of the same manufacturer, a horizontal machine the size of the gap is also too small, or your own wall body size is not suitable for this industry, I haven't seen, the traditional manual with our home malatang has something to do in front of the shop is option, if as long as the first choice of high deviation easily to drop more trouble. Here I * * * a good choice is to speed with the investment, selectors should be careful. Main do manual work is delicate, the fabric is not perfect, in my house has done more than ten working procedure, fabrics of good will can also do a variety of larger size, to bring some gifts to the family also is very convenient. 3, as the kitchen, generally have a seat, a front should have two people, on the front of the big three people can put a traffic electric appliances, and smaller can put a xiancai basins. So each of them on the chair, prepare for a clean and comfortable, with white modernization. Often in weight is put in 60 * 70 the decorative pattern of design and color is better, look a bit more clean and tidy. Coupled with the track is very strong, rack when having to replace and stick good direction and track. This is by considering the positioning problem. Level 4, the price is in my kitchen do have the weight of the machine with small, many manufacturers 1. How many money to buy a size 2 is good also, a recommendation! 5, general Jane.
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