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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-27
Gravity casting as one of the more popular now casting production one of the ways in which products, some people will go to question the gravity casting machine production of casting popular reason. Their mouth gravity casting machine to produce castings of various problems, but it's not the products of the gravity casting machine is bad, but they do not know the gravity casting machine design of the key production technology, let Joe to tell you the truth. Metal mold gravity casting machine casting gating location is the key to production design, water system design and mold working temperature control and adjustment. The location of the castings cast directly affect the efficiency of casting production, so on size precision and quality, is an important part of the casting process design cannot little. Casting gate at system design can be decided to internal and external quality of castings. Similarly, metal mold working temperature and temperature difference of each part of the casting cooling temperature field has an important role. Local overheating zone of metal type forced water cooling and air cooling is to ensure that the area to keep the normal operating temperature, improve the production efficiency, eliminate overheating at the same time, guarantee the normal cooling temperature field. Ensure the casting forming reasonable cooling temperature gradient, also can eliminate the local shrinkage cavity defects of castings.
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