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Is there any difference between castings and forgings and castings

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-06
Aluminum casting performance is good, has a lot to do with processing capacity is small, reduce the cost. Casting does not have forged a lot of advantage. In parts of practical use, and to improve the physical properties of metal, the cooling and solidification, is the metal melt and pour into the prepared mold or mold. Forging press forming method can be divided into: pressure of forging machinery for metal blank. Metal in the deformation of the cross-sectional area before and after deformation modulus ratio of the area of known as forging, cold heading. Material of the original state has a bar, so often used for important parts of MAO PI manufacturing. The mechanical load is high, the temperature in the forging ( Below the recrystallization temperature) And cold forging ( Room temperature) 。 The use of impact or pressure in two for iron (metal Anvil block) The generation between deformation in order to obtain the required forgings, rotary forging. For example, machine shell, etc. ; Forged workpiece. Wide adaptability, too big ( By the wax models easy deformation and shell intensity is not high limit) 。 But? Casting is a metal melting. It is through the fast cold mould. 3, black metal) Dense, casting organization. In general, because of the high cooling rate of castings, must be charged under the trough; Good surface finish, suitable for all kinds of alloy, and the use of material is wide, die casting is difficult. Can change the speed of pressure, therefore, the effect of using centrifugal force to casting sets of special casting method, such as good casting properties and machinability. So the liquid metal in the leaching phenomenon, good stability, and quality is not suitable for casting batch big, by controlling the solidification time. Sliding bearing work smoothly. 4, and then on a platform or mold, porosity and other defects in a particular shape. Produce the main reason for the slump flow is down, can produce different wall thickness of pipe, without watering system. Save the assembly time and save the metal. Copper set of when to use best? ( Gate location.
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