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Iron and steel

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-10
Steel casting iron and steel, general casting melting process and simple equipment, low production cost. 1, cast iron, cast iron pieces of resistance mo, but low strength, plasticity and toughness is poor, very poor solderability. China in the han dynasty has developed cast iron technology, can make the spheroidal graphite cast iron pieces. A country's annual production of cast iron, general 1/10 ~ 1/7 for steel production, the tensile strength of cast iron by original 80 million increased by more than 10 times. General by graphite cast iron precipitation or not divided into gray iron and white cast iron. 2, cast steel, steel production in some industrial countries currently accounts for about 2% of the total steel production, railway, construction, metallurgical machinery, heavy mining machinery and ship manufacturing sector most is the use of steel industry. Compared with rolling steel cast steel, the main advantages are: 1. Dry less restricted by size, size and weight. Xiaoke, single weight and easy to cast with other processing molding method is difficult to get complex shapes. 2 steel can reduce the mechanical cutting processing capacity, improve the utilization of metal, etc. 3 make difficult alloy steel molding of plastic deformation and cutting. 4 general rolling axial and lateral performance difference is bigger, cast steel would not have the direction. 5 grain of cast steel than the deformation of the steel is bulky, some high alloy high temperature strength and creep properties of heat resistant cast steel is higher than the rolling material. Cast steel in osteoporosis, segregation, shrinkage, bubbles, inclusions, and coarse crystal defects. These defects are neither like deformation can be in the process of rolling steel is welded or refinement, also can't use cold strengthening method to improve performance. So its mechanical properties ( Mainly plastic toughness) General than with steel rolling material is lower. The greater the parts, the greater the difference. As for abrasion resistance, weldability and cutting and rolling material has no obvious difference. The performance of the steel significantly better than cast iron parts, and can be welded, but costs are higher than cast iron pieces. Guangzhou steel used in railway, building, automobile, petroleum, metallurgical and mining mineral processing machinery, including dosage the biggest railway machinery.
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