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Introduction to the casting mould industry

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-01
The development of casting mould was developed with the development of foundry industry. In recent years, people of all kinds of equipment and supplies lightweight and beauty and handle the demand is higher and higher, it's for casting products provides a wider market. Casting products to development, the inevitable requirement of casting mould development. More color and material casting mould will also have a rapid development. This kind of casting mold shorten the production cycle of the product, the future will get the development and application in different fields. Bo of Joe casting molding parts show its high accuracy, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption, processing and manufacturing method of casting mould has its unique value. Casting mold to a large extent determines the product quality, efficiency and development ability. The casting mould industry in our country for further development of multifunctional composite mould, a multi-functional die besides stamping molding parts, also take the overlying, tapping, riveting and assembly tasks such as locking. As the requirement of miniaturization and precision parts, some of the casting mould machining accuracy tolerance requirement under 1 microns, which requires the development of the ultra precision machining. Bo Joe casting mold with hot runner technology of casting mould can improve productivity and quality of parts, and also can save raw materials, parts of the technology application development abroad soon. Automotive, home appliances, office supplies, industrial appliances, building materials, electronic communications and other casting products are mainly users are high in recent years, rapid development, therefore, casting mould is developing fast, the casting mould industry in our country is becoming increasingly large. This article from Joe equipment technology co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source! Joe casting mold information more
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