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Introduce the characteristics of the five core machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-13
Level shoot core machine is suitable for the brake disc, blade and plate core; Simplex means there is only one station, one can only put a mold, the double location is that you can put two molds at the same time, can be produced at the same time, and can be a different size, type of mold; Enclosed is a layer of the shell protection; And the automatic feeding is equipped with an automatic feeding equipment; There are five kinds of automatic shoot core machine, is horizontal, single, double location, closed, automatic feeding. The five different shoot core machine is respectively have their own characteristics, customers can choose according to own situation the corresponding equipment, in order to make people better understand oneself which is suitable for, below small make up a brief introduction for all of us! Customers can choose according to their needs, such as the construction period is tight, the production efficiency is higher double location choice shoot core machine. Bo Joe machinery foundry with 15 years of experience, professional team, with high quality pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service, you can rest assured choice. You told Mr. Joe has to understand the characteristics of shoot core machine?
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