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Including automatic core factory, casting sand core vendors would - Equipment technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-09
Automatic shoot core machine is a machine is a very important part in the casting industry, the application of automatic shoot core machine is very extensive, but in the process of the use of automatic shoot core machine, it is important to note that the correct operating procedures, to avoid production accident. Automatic shoot core machine is divided into the specific operational procedures before operation, operation and after operation, the bo Joe equipment technology with everybody to know the operation of automatic core machine before the operation procedures. Automatic shoot core machine before operation should pay attention to remove affect normal operation of machine, automatic core obstacles. Should, in accordance with the provisions of lubrication card for lubrication equipment. Inspect for automatic core machine device key parts of the fastener is tightened, if loose also to adjust good fastening. To check whether all cut the door handle is in a stationary position. And then is first turned on compressed air total felling, no-load test was carried out on the automatic shoot core machine equipment. In this process, the agency to check whether normal, check whether each cut door line leak. Can after all inspection carries out a formal operation including automatic core machine to work properly.
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