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In the sun A burst of automatic core machine scene shooting

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-02
This is a automatic core machine, automatic means not only control, automatic on it into a bucket of precoated sand is automatic, equipped with a Po to Joe automatic screw on sand. So, this shoot core machine work efficiency is very high, but also save the human. In the factory, may not be very good, so we pull the automatic shoot core machine's have a look at its face to the sunshine. Look at its shape design, the waist, the line, the color is tie-in, isn't it looks very nice. Trapezoidal design, make this automatic shoot core machine is particularly strength and beauty. Long extending outward cylinder on collocation, the temperament of A burst; But see two tanks, and feel very sprout. This is a good and practical shoot core machine, want to know more information, Joe, contact us!
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