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In the shallow of automatic molding machine maintenance skills, casting machinery professional solutions for you

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-29
Sc automatic molding machine maintenance skills, automatic molding machine manufacturer for your professional answer: when automatic molding machine after installation and put into production at the same time, must be in strict accordance with the necessary maintenance maintenance procedures for maintenance. Below let us dwell on the casting molding machine maintenance skills. Techniques, automatic molding machine all injection point must be regularly according to the requirements of its site filling oil, lubricating oil or grease. Technique, for fully automatic molding machine seal ( Wearing parts) Must check every day, such as damaged replaced immediately. Skills 3, to fully automatic molding machine room body guard to check every day, had a damaged should be replaced immediately. Four skills, guard plate of automatic molding machine, blade, impeller, directional cover, secondary inspections per shift points maru ', replaced immediately if there is any damage. Techniques for five, electrical system should be the second check. Skills of six, all driving a second check every week. Skills, operators of modelling effect should check at any time, if there is a strange should immediately stop, and check for equipment as a whole. Really and do more than 7 tips, you automatic molding machine equipment will run more smoothly, service life is longer, so as to create more benefit for you.
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