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In the foundry casting sand moisture control

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-25
Foundry casting factory is a manufacturer of casting foundry technology, the quality of the castings and is related to many factors, so in order to guarantee the quality of castings, for each step in the process of production is all need to pay attention to, then the moisture of sand in foundry casting should be how to control? When using foundry casting technology for casting production, if you are using the old sand, then for the moisture of sand control is very important, but many manufacturers are ignored this. Experienced operators are generally know, sand moisture content is low, if at the time of use, no sand moisture control, so the influence of sand on sand quality may not be as the sand temperature is too high. Bentonite in sand and water, and is not a simple mixed in with it, to rub, making it the plastic state. Using foundry casting technology, the production of castings, both in terms of quality and cost are superior to other ways to produce castings, so in the use of foundry casting technology for casting castings, so for every step of the production process is in accordance with the requirements of operation.
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