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How to purchase gravity casting moulds?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-19
Gravity casting mould of the goods time is very long, be in commonly 25 days to 35 days or so, so procurement up more troublesome, so how to bo Joe purchasing the gravity casting moulds? Below small make up on specific say with you. The first step in the gravity casting moulds customers samples or drawings. Such as STP, PRO, UG4. 0 formats such as 3 d drawings, or provide samples directly, in addition to the material requirements, precision, tolerance, surface processing, and other special requirements. The second step is to project evaluation, the third set and sign a contract, the fourth step is to design the mould. Next step 5 is what happened to us, that is the fifth step is in the workshop production of gravity casting mould. After the mould out, engraving on CNC machining center directly. Gravity casting mould is a complex mould, a lot of places, such as detail, use these needs the customer to participate, to produce the mold to want to.
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