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How to protect steel has qualified chemical composition?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-20
Much attention has been paid to the quality of the steel production is now the steel market production direction, is a seasoned steel production enterprises, the company focus on the security production of casting steel chemical composition, the following brief summary is small. The steel sample analysis, sampling analysis should pay attention to when the samples are produce chemical reaction, like alloy samples is need to stay a while to appear accurate results. Staff in the process of work and observe the change of the chemical composition, casting furnace, because even qualified molten steel in casting furnace for a period of time after the chemical composition and change, such as manganese this component, the component content in the oven for a long time will become low, then you need to take corresponding solutions to guarantee the quality of castings. The company will continue to according to the requirements of customers friend demand, for the research of steel production, efforts to improve product quality constantly, the company will also continue to rich production technology, fundamentally improve the quality of products.
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