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How to improve the efficiency of the shoot core machine is in operation

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-14
Must first understand what factors affecting shoot core machine production efficiency is? Shoot core machine is to use the core made of precoated sand body, so shoot core machine is shoot sand stick it, and it is difficult to knock off the residue. The cause of stick because temperature is too high, so have an impact on production efficiency. To solve shoot core machine is shoot sand sand stick to have 3. One is to use water cooling method, when the mold temperature is too high, you can to shoot sand water, reduce the temperature, reduce the viscosity of sand; Second, spraying mold release agent, this liquid, the site of sticky sand jet skyward sand; Third, heat insulation, that is, between the mold and the nozzle plus a cushion, so that we can effectively reduce the temperature of the nozzle, it also can effectively reduce the temperature, reduce the viscosity of the sand. Shoot core machine production efficiency is important to many casting manufacturer. However, there is some influence the production efficiency of shoot core machine, so how to solve the factors influencing the production efficiency, is a use of shoot core machine manufacturer to solve. So, today is to teach people to deal with these problems!
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