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How to detect the steel

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-30
Steel is a kind of similar to iron performance parts, but the strength of the steel is better, the steel in the process of casting would be easier to appear porosity defects, shortcomings and so on Angle positioning is not accurate, with the use of these shortcomings exist long-term housing will appear when the status of the fracture, this before put into use steel must be tested on it. If it's small and medium-sized steel users direct electricity method could be used in detection, wear bars method, magnetic method and coil method, because this kind of castings, especially revestment precision castings, small volume, light weight, was also very few, it is best to use dc or pulse dc current for testing. If the volume is larger or heavier weight of the casting, the user detection by using dc or best half-wave rectifier portable magnetic particle inspection machine, to the local testing of castings, due to large volume, generally in two mutually perpendicular directions selected test comparison is in order. In the process of detection of steel, it is best not to immediately after casting detection, because of the stress of casting steel is casting, some defects such as cracks will delay cracking, so the testing time is the best one to two days after casting. Steel if detected defects than acceptance standard was rejected, but also allows the repair welding, carries on the repair welding in the process of the need to pay attention to delay the generation of cracks.
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