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How much do you know about metal mold casting

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-04
Pressure casting was conducted on the die casting machine metal mold casting, casting process is the highest production efficiency. Die casting machine is divided into hot chamber die casting machine and cold chamber die casting machine. Hot chamber die casting machine high degree of automation, less waste of materials, the production efficiency is higher than cold chamber die casting machine, but the restriction of the parts heat resistant ability, it is only used for aluminium alloy casting, magnesium alloy and other low melting point materials of casting production. Today's widely used aluminum alloy die casting, due to the high melting point, only in the cold chamber die casting machine for production. The main characteristics of die casting is a metal mold filling under high pressure, high speed, and forming and solidification under high pressure, the deficiency of die casting is: because the liquid metal under high pressure, high speed of mold filling process, inevitably, the clip wrapped inside the casting, the air in the cavity formed subcutaneous blowhole, aluminum alloy die casting is so unfavorable heat treatment, unfavorable surface coating (zinc alloy die casting But can spray paint) 。 Otherwise, when heated, internal porosity in castings do the processing will meet thermal expansion and deformation of the casting or bubbling. In addition, the die casting of mechanical machining allowance should be made smaller, generally in 0. 5 mm or so, can reduce the casting weight, cutting processing capacity to reduce costs, and can avoid penetrates the surface dense layer, subcutaneous blowhole, workpiece scrapped. Aluminum alloy casting out a product we can call it cast aluminum or aluminum castings, which is also the mainstream of the art product accessories on the market.
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