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How many kinds of foundry with cast iron points? Brand how said

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-23
Cast iron is the carbon content is greater than 2. 11% ( In general to 2. 5 ~ 4%) The iron carbon alloy. It is the iron, carbon, silicon as the main component and contains more than carbon steel impurities such as manganese, sulfur, phosphorus alloy. Sometimes in order to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron or physical and chemical properties, still can add a certain amount of alloying elements, alloy cast iron. The classification of the cast iron one. According to different forms of carbon in cast iron, cast iron can be divided into 1. White cast iron carbon except a few soluble in ferrite, the rest of the carbon in the form of cementite exists in cast iron, its fracture is silvery white, therefore calls white cast iron. The white cast iron is mainly used for steelmaking raw materials and production of malleable cast iron blank. 2. All or most of the gray iron carbon exist in flake graphite in cast iron, its fracture was dark gray, therefore calls grey cast iron. 3. Hemp part cast iron carbon exists in the form of graphite, similar to gray iron; Another part of exists in the form of free cementite, similar to white cast iron. Fracture in black and white pitting, therefore calls the flax cast iron. This kind of cast iron has bigger hard brittle, so the industry is rarely used. two According to the cast iron graphite morphology is different, in cast iron can be divided into 1. Grey cast iron graphite in cast iron plate shaped. 2. Malleable iron exist flocculent graphite in cast iron. It is formed by a certain ingredients of white cast iron after high temperature annealing for a long time. Its mechanical properties ( Especially the toughness and plasticity) A grey cast iron is high, the traditionally known as malleable iron. 3. Graphite in ductile cast iron is spherical. It is in front of the molten iron casting after spheroidizing treatment. This kind of cast iron mechanical properties is higher than grey cast iron and malleable cast iron, than malleable iron production process simple, and can be controlled by heat treatment to improve its mechanical properties, so it has been used increasingly in the production.
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