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Hot core box shoot core machine, shoot core vendors would - in guangdong Equipment technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-08
Working principle of shoot core machine is the core sand into the heating core box to make cores hardening after take out get the precise size, smooth surface sand core product. Core sand generally USES a phenolic resin coated sand, some manufacturers in the use of shoot core machine production, always be coated sand stick in the situation of shoot sand, why did you shoot core opportunities appear such circumstance? The following Po Joe technology with hot core box method as an example and talk to you. We know the core box of hot core box by heating in the production of sand core, although usually is according to the temperature of the core sand binder, the need of core body size and hardening time factors such as the judgment and set, but are often very high, and the temperature can make the core sand hardening. And hot core box USES when shot for shot of precoated sand sand plate temperature is too high and sticking to shoot shoot sand core machine. If coated sand are always stick to shoot, shoot sand core machine after hardening of precoated sand hardness is high, so it will be difficult to remove, it too much will reduce the efficiency of the shoot core machine. Casting manufacturers have certainly don't want to appear such circumstance, want to know how to solve the friends of bo Joe technology may be consulted.
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