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High quality fully automatic casting molding machine factory price

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-30
Bo Joe mechanical casting moulding machine's main advantage is low cost and high efficiency, for the production of small and medium-sized pieces, simple pieces, grey iron pieces. In the production of brake discs, bearing cover, automobile castings, diesel engine parts, sewing machine casting, motor cover, water pump castings, floor spring such as simple, the core of products less, has a unique advantage. Without professional operation, can be quickly put into production, a variety of the retrofit scheme of existing conditions. Sand mold is stable and reliable, the old templates available, save mould fees. Can continuous production, low operating costs. According to various foundry existing situation, design scheme, let investors, with the smallest input get the maximum return, improve the quality of castings, and high labor cost saving. Joe machinery specialized in the production of fully automatic casting molding machine, molding line, pouring manipulator, a molding machine is equal to more than 20 molder, type 100-1 hour 130 cases of upper and lower computer box height can adjust at will, excellent stability, is suitable for demanding castings, etc. , such as pump casing pump body, fitness equipment, pulley, the motor head, valves, machinery parts, auto parts, hydraulic parts, pipe fittings, fasteners, the motor end cover, manhole covers, perforated strainer, etc. The model of grey iron ductile casting production. Bo Joe machinery will give top priority to the interests of customers, always know that our success depends on your success and development, and put the idea throughout the company from design to after-sales service of each link, enables our products to help customers improve efficiency, reduce cost and enhance competitiveness. Our sales and design staff will listen carefully to your requirements and needs, completely according to your requirements and needs to carry on the design and manufacturing, to help you to get the most ideal equipment. A new generation of tidal level of mould sand moulding machine series from the speed, quality, stability and economy has set new industry standards and so on various aspects. A new generation of molding machine specially designed for high quality castings of high efficiency production and perfect design, for the speed, quality and efficiency of the equipment are very rigorous, so to ensure high investment yield at the same time can guarantee the reliability and probability. As a result of the result is the fastest, the most competitive near net shape casting production. Level of fully automatic molding machine factory price for all the needed transformation of automatic casting production factory, welcome consultation.
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