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High gravity casting mould and die-casting mould

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-06
Die casting, there are many, including gravity casting mould and high pressure casting mold, then what is the difference between these two kinds of casting process? There are three kinds of gravity casting mould requirement for material, size precision can be more careful, wall thickness to achieve more than 4 mm, of course, some local positions can be in 4 mm. And gravity casting mould product a high degree of freedom, more mature, production efficiency is high, the solid solution is better. High pressure compared with those of gravity casting mold casting mold on the mechanical properties of somewhat less, liquid can not afford time to absorb, and can't do solid solution treatment, the wall thickness is greater than 10 mm, is not conducive to the production, the cost is high. But its life is quite high, about 80000 / times or so.
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